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How to make gnupg2 to fall in love with Docker

While developing my new replacement of self-hosted-mailserver, I noticed a funny problem - I couldn’t make gnupg2 to work with docker non-interactively. At first, the problem was with an import:

ajgon Apr 3, 2017

Build Your Own Cloud Fast, Thanks to Ansible and Automation

Last year I wrote an article about installing custom linux distro on Raspberry Pi 2. Since then I configured it as my personal cloud, with email daemon, dropbox alternative, webmail, backup system and some other tools. However it appeared, that configuration like that is a real SDCard killer (tons of small files), and in a past year I had to replace it twice, each time redoing the whole configure & install again.

ajgon May 22, 2016

Turn your Raspberry Pi to powerful HTPC with OSMC

I am big fan of TV series. There were times (mostly in college), when I watched them almost continuously. Recently I got tired of laptop screen, and moved to something bigger. I also had a spare Raspberry PI, so naturally the conslusion came - why not connect them together, and create a genuine Mediacenter.

ajgon Dec 10, 2015

Installing custom Linux on Raspberry Pi 2

Few days ago, I gave myself a present, which (at the very beginning) I was planning to power up with OSMC and use it as HTPC. However, in a meantime I had to switch my apartment, and put my worn ATOM server offline for couple of hours - necessity I didn’t like very much. This, and the fact that my server got very noisy (I suspected power supply fan) convinced me to start looking for something new. And then I thought - “Hey! I’ve got this awesome, little fella - I can attach Ethernet to it (or WiFi Dongle and LTE Hotspot from my phone) to it and never worry about noise or being offline again!”. And I did, however installing custom Debian distribution, wasn’t as trivial task as I expected…

ajgon Apr 19, 2015

25 awesome tools every developer should have

This is a repost of my original post on X-Team blog. I'm putting it here for consistency.
ajgon Nov 13, 2013